Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions: Twenty Ways to Go Green in 2020

20 Ways of Going Green In 2020 To Make A Positive Impact On Our Planet

The planet and our environment is often taken for granted and never a subject of thought in sustainability. Even as we are now into 2020, we are yet to understand the implications of climate change.  Because we are not affected in ways that we don’t understand, we think all is well. It’s not. Today you may not have experienced the effects of climate change, but one day you will. That being said, we all need to do something about it.  Going green in 2020 isn’t about joining a protest march and screaming climate change or global warming, it’s about taking steps to go green and make a change in your own lifestyle. This is the biggest contribution you can make towards the environment. That being said, here are 20 ways of going green in 2020.

  1. Stick to Reusable Materials

90% of plastic packaging worldwide does not get recycled. Sadly, most of it ends up in oceans. Plastic is a nightmare for the planet and only you as an individual can stop it. Switch to metal and wooden spoons. Stop asking for plastic utensils like plates and cups when you do a takeaway. Likewise, businesses would do well to use reusable coffee cups, metal straws and paper bags. Consumers using your reusables convert to leads and promotion for you.

  1. Go digital

Save paper by going digital. Communicate through, social media, email and texts instead of using paper notes, printing posters and leaflets. Communication between family members can be likewise. Promote through newsletters rather than print. It is cost effective and eco-friendly too.

  1. Decline receipts

Do you really need a long pharmacy receipt for a 10$ medication? Similarly, evolving technology easily provides ways of going green in 2020. Choose e-tickets and e-receipts over printed ones. Opt for email billing on credit cards and phone bills.

  1. Pay your bills online

If you are still paying bills through mail, then wake up!! Its 2020, you need to get serious right now. It takes no effort to set up an email account and opt for email billing as well as paying all your bills online.

  1. Be mindful about your junk

We are in the 21st century and living needs to get minimalistic. Stop collecting junk at home and purchasing things you don’t need. Recycling is the new mantra for the planet in 2020 and you can contribute extensively. Many of us dispose of trash irresponsibly. Get hold of a good junk removal company with ties to charities and you will have done your good deed of the day. Recycling and disposing of waste thoughtfully are the two best things to help you go green in 2020.

  1. Conserve electricity, start switching off

You can reduce your energy load by switching off lights and fans when not needed. In an office or at home, we tend to leave them on. Switching off also reduces your energy bills.

  1. Unplug Appliances

Do we ever? What many don’t know is that a device left plugged in in spite of full charge can waste a lot of energy. Did you know that frequently clearing out your outlets can save you a a considerable amount in the year on energy costs. That is a big contribution to the environment.

  1. Buy a Water Bottle

The manufacture and consumption of plastic water bottles is almost outrageous. Buying your own reusable water bottle is one of the biggest ways of going green in 2020. There are several models that you can chose, from BPA free reusable plastic to stainless steel.

  1. Get a Library Card

Ok, you may be a bookworm and love collecting books, but is that wise. Today when technology has given you an online means to read your favourite novels, why buy a book. You could even join a lending library because that’s the perfect way to recycle a book. You will be contributing immensely to the environment y saving on paper.

  1. Repair, Don’t Replace

Many people are spoiled for choice because of an easy means to acquire new goods. Buy why do so? When you repair a fan or a refrigerator, why purchase a new one? Repair your devices, rather than tossing them into the garbage.

  1. Travel greener

Perhaps one of the smartest ways of going green in 2020 is by travelling green. While vacationing, there are several ways we contribute to eco-pollution. Use reusable items such as water bottles, dispose of wrappers and food packaging responsibly. Reuse towels and sheets and avoid using disposable goods.

  1. Buy a shopping bag

Have you done that yet? If not, do so because this is the easiest and biggest contribution you can make to the planet. Instead of using plastic carry bags for groceries, get your own cloth or jute bag.

  1. Use Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Did you know, a tonne of toilet rolls uses 17 trees and 90,921 liters of water? An average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. You can switch to eco-friendly toilet paper made from bamboo or you can make that hygienic switch over to using a bidet.

  1. Replace Diesel and Petrol Cars with Environmentally Friendly Cars

Vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to global warming because of CO2 emissions. Switch to environmentally friendly electric cars that run on batteries instead of a combusting fuel source.

  1. Make your wardrobe environmentally friendly

Stop purchasing clothes on a whim. What you don’t know is that both polyester and cotton clothing are use several chemicals on the manufacturing process. Moreover cotton may require a lot of maintenance too. Material like polyester can take upto 200 years to decompose. Cotton is the world’s most pesticide intensive crop. Purchase recyclable clothes from good eco-friendly brands where organic cotton is a better choice.

  1. Stop using single use plastic straws.

The UK has set an example by banning single use plastic straws from April 2020. Straws can take upto 200 years to decompose, hurting environment like anything. Not using them is one of the caring steps to go green in 2020.

  1. Eat less Meat, Go veggies

It might seem hard bit it isn’t. The human palate is adaptable and looks towards what it consumes more of. Meat and dairy are one of the biggest contributors for GHG or greenhouse gases during production.  If you can’t think vegan or vegetarian, at least reduce your meat intake which can have a big impact.

  1. Be Mindful of Printing Paper

Office spaces use a lot of paper for taking notes, passing around notes, memos, letters etc. be a green company by reducing paper use and switching to digital instead. To reduce your carbon footprint, you could arrange for digital signing of contracts.

  1. Use public transportation

One of the best ways of going green in 2020 is to use public transport. It is less polluting to take a bus or a train to work and employers should encourage employees to do so.

  1. Switch off all electronic devices

Electronic devices keep draining energy even in stand-by mode where the leakage of electricity is known as Phantom Power. This amounts to almost 10% of your total electricity bill. When not working, switch off devices totally.

Make the Mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ on of your top resolutions for 2020. Use recycling bins at home and at office. If every individual takes small steps towards greener living it would make a huge positive impact on the environment.