Dump Squad Junk Removal Service

Tired of looking at piles of junk that have seem to have accumulated out of nowhere on your property? Ready for spring or fall cleanup and don’t know what to do with all that junk? Never fear, Dump Squad Junk Removal is here! We are a professional waste management company offering eco-friendly junk eradication for both residential and commercial customers. We have been in the business of getting rid of what you don’t want for more than a decade now, so you can count on our friendly, reliable and affordable junk removal service to help you get that mess out of your way fast. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 1866-266-3074.

Commercial Junk Removal

Whether you need one-off commercial junk removal or you want us to service your business regularly, Dump Squad Junk Removal aims to please. With 10+ years in the industry, we have become experts in our niche, offering eco-friendly removal and disposal of all types of junk. From office cleanouts to merchandise removal and disposal of fixtures and other unwanted items in your way, to construction debris from teardowns and renovations, no job is too big for our professional Dump Squad. Try us once and you’ll see why outsourcing your commercial junk removal makes perfect sense. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 1866-266-3074.

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Residential Junk Removal

Your Dump Squad pros know that it isn’t easy to get junk out of your way, which is why our residential junk removal services are always in demand. Old mattresses, broken-down refrigerators, out-of-date TVs, carpeting and other demolition scraps, and even that big, heavy hot tub taking up your favorite corner of the lawn—none of it stands a chance when the Dump Squad arrives. Find out what your neighbors already know: Dump Squad Junk Removal is your go-to option for getting rid of your residential junk. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 1866-266-3074.

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Full Property Clean Out

At Dump Squad, we’ve seen it all. We know exactly how much junk can make its way onto a single property over the course of time. Whether you own the property, just bought it, or inherited it, we can help you get rid of the eyesores you no longer want, broken items you no longer need, or items that are too big and cumbersome to tackle on your own. Give the Dump Squad a call now to learn more about our full property clean out options. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 1866-266-3074.

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3 Reasons to Choose Us

The foremost worry on every clients mind is junk disposal. With the ongoing trend of environmental concerns and awareness, it is the duty of every American to reduce their carbon footprint on earth. An eco-friendly attitude is the need of the hour and Dump Squad knows exactly what to do with your junk. We use all environmental friendly, methods of junk disposal that include recycling, responsible disposal and donation. Most of your reusable junk or old furniture will go to the various charities associated with us while scrap will be sent to authorized recycling centers. What you regain by using Dump Squad is a piece of mind that no other company can give you.


Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed and insured company. All of our service providers are fully screened to make sure you are only getting our best team members.


Honest Upfront Pricing

We provide honest pricing, give us call and we will arrive and provide a FREE estimates. If the price is in your budget we can do the job right away.


Same Day Service

In most cases we can provided same day services if our office is contacted before 12PM. Call us now to schedule your free estimate.


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Tons of Junk Removed


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