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We Charge 20% – 30% Less Than Our Competitors Removing Construction Debris

Construction debris getting in the way of progress on your job site? Dump Squad Junk Removal is just a call or click away. Our team of licensed, insured professional junk removal specialists is ready to help. We have oversized trucks ready to fill with the remnants left behind from demolition, remodeling, and other construction projects for both residential and commercial customers. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 1866-266-3074.

We have more than 10 years of experience removing and disposing of construction debris, from old drywall and lumber to broken-up concrete, tile, steel, and other materials. Debris from construction doesn't just make your property or job site look like it's seen better days. It can also pose safety and health risks to workers and others who are exposed to it. And in some instances, construction debris can land you in a legal pickle if it makes you non-compliant with local codes and ordinances. Don't let that happen. Contact the Dump Squad right away to arrange for construction debris removal and disposal.


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